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“In addition to caring deeply about people, I’ve always loved to be active,” reports Melissa Dibbin Ryan owner and chief care provider at Atmosphere Day Spa. “So massage and providing asthetic services is a perfect match for me. My body loves the bending, touching and lifting that is required. My mind is always listening to the small clues my clients are giving me about their needs and my heart sings to know that I am helping them to have a better life.”Melissa’s combination of caring and being active show the instant you walk through the door of Atmosphere Day Spa. Its warm, cosy, uncluttered ambiance invites you in and Melissa’s quiet demeanor adds to your warm welcome.Soothing and relaxing are the key elements of an Atmosphere Day Spa experience. You can feel the stresses of life releasing their hold on you before you even step into the treatment room. You become aware of how serene and quiet the spa is, free of the hustle and bustle of the outside world and many other spas.

Melissa has chosen her favourite blossom, the Calla Lily as the flower of Atmosphere Day Spa because the Calla Lily stands for magnificence and beauty. Melissa invites you to let her support you in connecting not only with your physical beauty but with remaining aware that you are a magnificent human being.

Call us today for an appointment at (902) 446-8295.

Melissa Dibbin RyanBeing born and raised in the Bridgewater area, Melissa knows first hand what Maritime clients expect in terms of quality and service when they visit a day spa. She happily sets her sights on exceeding each client’s expectations so the quality of her facility, her treatments and her aftercare are exceptional.

Melissa loves her rural surroundings and believes that the short drive up Hammonds Plains Road to her spacious Atmosphere Day Spa helps her clients begin to relax and unwind on their way out – and to savour the serenity they’ve experienced for a few extra minutes on their way home.

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Jason RyanJason was raised in the incredibly small, rural town of East Noel Nova Scotia. Following graduation from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2005 and joining the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia He moved to Halifax.

In his free time Jason enjoys spending time with his family, camping, hiking, gardening, and watching nearly any sporting event on television.

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A spa must be kept impeccably clean so that there is no transfer of skin conditions from one client to another. At Atmosphere Day Spa we are proud of our obsession with cleanliness!

All clients are asked to remove their outdoor shoes at the front entrance and slippers are provided. Our floors are all hard surfaces, which are scrubbed and sterilized on a regular basis.

Once in the spa facility you’ll notice that most of implements we use are stainless steel. Not only is this environmentally sensitive, but it means that after each time they are used with a client they are sprayed with alcohol, scrubbed with Bactistat, soaked in BM 28 for 15 minutes, rinsed, dried and placed in an autoclave for sterilization. Bactistat and BM 28 are disinfectants, while an autoclave is a small ‘oven’ used in hospitals, labs and other sterile facilities for ensuring that all viruses, bacteria and funguses are stopped in their tracks! Once sterile, our implements are sealed in a protective pouch which is only unsealed for one-time use with a client.

Where stainless steel implements are impractical or unavailable we use one-use products which are then either recycled or placed in the trash.

We dust regularly so that clients with allergies and sensitivities are protected. Sheets used on the massage table and other spa linens are changed after every use and are washed on a ‘sanitize’ cycle.

We love questions at Atmosphere Day Spa. If there is any aspect of spa hygiene that we haven’t covered but that you are curious about, please ask about it. It is important to us that you feel totally comfortable throughout your visit to the Spa.

  • For your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early so that we can complete the appropriate paperwork and talk about your specific needs and concerns.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before any scheduled appointment so that you can relax for a few moments before your treatment begins and so that we can discuss your expectations.
  • We request that you turn off cell phones and other devices so that your treatment won’t be interrupted and so that other guests aren’t impacted. We’ll remind you in case you forget!
  • If at all possible we recommend that you allow yourself some free time or relaxing period immediately after your spa treatment. You’ll get maximum benefit from your experience if you can stay in the mellow zone that we’ll create for you.
  • We require 24 hrs notice for re-scheduling or canceling of appointments.

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