Manicures offer you so much more than great looking hands. As if it isn’t important to let your friends, colleagues and clients know that you care about yourself, the detailed work done on your nails and cuticles in the manicure process actually stimulates nail growth. You also ensure that your hands remain free of hangnails, broken skin, dry cuticles, and split fingernails, all of which can become invitations for fungal and bacterial infections to enter the body.

Spa Manicure

Begin with a moisturizing hand bath, followed by nail shaping and cuticle work. Next, a thoroughly relaxing hand massage to relieve tension, hydrate your skin and acquire a youthful glow. Finally, a polished finish with your choice of colour.

45 minutes $40
French Polish $10

Atmosphere Manicure

Includes everything in our Spa Manicure with the addition of an exfoliating treatment, hydrating masque and paraffin application for extra skin toning and deep tissue moisturizing.

60 minutes $50