Is it any surprise that our feet tend to suffer the most since they carry our entire body through each and every busy day of our lives. This important healing zone can immediately affect our well being. Calluses can make it uncomfortable to walk or stand. Ingrown nails are painful and invite infection into the body. Fungal infections of the nail and nail bed can also impact our overall health. Our poor feet surely deserve attention on a regular basis.

Spa Pedicure

After a warm, moisturizing foot bath to soften tissue and nails, we begin with removal of old polish, nail shaping, cuticle treatment and callus removal. Then we move on to a relaxing and stimulating massage for legs and feet. This helps to improve circulation and tones the skin. Finally, we finish with your choice of polish colour or a French Polish treatment.

60 minutes $55
French Polish $10

Atmosphere Pedicure

Includes everything in our Spa pedicure with the addition of an exfoliating treatment, hydrating masque and paraffin application for extra skin toning and deep tissue moisturizing.

90 minutes $70

Hot Stone Pedicure

Start with our Spa Pedicure, add our exfoliation treatment and finish off with a hot stone massage to your legs and feet.

75 minutes $65

Revitalizing Leg Treatment

Great for people who stand or walk a lot and experience tired legs and feet.

Invigorate your tired legs with our relaxing, moisturizing warm foot soak, followed by our exfoliation and hydrating masque treatment. Finish off with a cooling leg and foot massage.

30 minutes $35

The Atmospheric Touch

For those suffering from dry skin, arthritis or minor aches and pains, considering adding a soothing paraffin treatment to your manicure or pedicure. This relaxing, warm therapy leaves skin soft, resilient, moisturized and feeling like it is years younger.

15 minutes $10