In addition to beautifying, toning and softening your skin, a facial releases stress, detoxifies underlying tissue, reduces fluid build-up and exfoliates the skin surface. Lymphatic system draining promotes well-being, aromatherapy stimulates and soothes many brain functions and gentle acupressure stimulates underlying tissue to release deep tension and to increase blood flow to delicate tissue.

Atmosphere Facials are tailor made for your skin type and characteristics. We custom select products that are best for your needs and take into account the age and health of your skin, dryness, sensitivities and personal preferences.

30 minutes $50
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $105

Eye and Lip Treatment

For those who feel they have special needs in these areas, we are happy to specially treat the tissue around your eyes and lips to optimize moisture levels and skin tone. You can also reduce swelling, dark circles and small expression wrinkles.

30 minutes $50